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We will cover QuickBooks software enhanced payroll service. For a full guide to the benefits and features of the different payroll software offered by Intuit, check out our QuickBooks Payroll Service guide which is available on our website. Now that you have got all of the data and information you require, it is time to roll up those sleeves and get back to work!

Below are the five easy steps on how to do payroll in QuickBooks Online Software:-

  • Navigate to the Center of the Employee

Firstly, you need to click on the Employees tab located on the menu bar which is located on the left.

  • Proceed to the Setup of Payroll

If you bought payroll with your QuickBooks software Online subscription, then your screen will be prompted with the option to set up. Click the button which shows Get set up to proceed to the next screen. If you have not signed up for payroll until now, then you will see an option that says Add Payroll.

  • Respond to all the Questions Regarding Prior Payrolls

If you are converting to QuickBooks software from a computerized or manual payroll system, then you will require to provide some additional information to make sure that your W-2 forms are quite accurate. You will require to provide all the data and information about any payroll checks issued during the year.

Below are some of the questions that you will need to respond to, along with a short explanation of each:

  1. Have you paid any W-2 employees in 20XX year? – This question is pretty much self-explanatory. If you have paid any of the employees this respective year, select the option of yes. If this is the first time you are paying employees this year, select the option of no.
  2. When will you first run payroll with QuickBooks Software Online Payroll? – Indicate the date on which you plan to run your first payroll in QuickBooks software online. The options which appear here will be based on the current specific date. If you selected no option to the first question, you will not see this question then.
  3. How did you pay for all of your employees? – Indicate the manner in which you paid your employees in your old system in a manual way. Your response to this respective question is quite important because if you paid all the employees and withheld taxes from their paychecks, you will require to provide the year-to-date payroll data and information for each employee later on in the setup. This information and data should be readily available from the last payroll check which you processed for each and every single employee.
  4. Add Employees

Click on Add an employee when you are being prompted to the screen to tell about yourself.

QuickBooks Payroll Service
  • Complete Info of the Employee

The employee data and information fields you require to complete the QuickBooks Online Payroll setup are as follows:-

  1. Employee Withholding Data and Information – This information and all the data will come from Form W-4, that we discussed earlier. When you click on the pencil of edit, the screen with some options will prompt up.
  2. Pay Schedule – From the drop-down menu list, select the pay schedule for the respective employee i.e., Weekly, Monthly, Every Other Friday, etc.
  3. Pay of the Employee – Enter the wage of the employee in this field. If you require to add more pay types, just click the Add additional pay types link which is located directly below this field.
  4. Employee Deductions/Contribution – Select the deductions/contributions for the respective employee as indicated on that screen which prompted up before you.
  5. Method of Payment – Select either the option of direct deposit or live check from the drop-down menu list. If you select the option of direct deposit, enter the banking information of the employee directly from the direct deposit authorization form that we discussed previously.
  6. Enter Year-to-Date Payroll Data and Information – If you paid a particular employee this year, enter their year-to-date payroll data and information from their last payroll check issued out of the old system as indicated in the prompter screen.

If you encounter any issue regarding QuickBooks then you can reach the QuickBooks payroll support or QuickBooks payroll help anytime. You can also dial our QuickBooks payroll support number or QuickBooks payroll customer care number available on our website. You can also find the QuickBooks payroll customer service number on the internet without any hassle.

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