How to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks online?

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The online version of the accounting software offers various benefits that are not available in the QuickBooks Enterprise. A user of the accounting software can convert a file from its enterprise version to its online version. This at times is necessary to employ certain features in the concerned file. Users may connect with the team of QuickBooks Enterprise service to get detailed information about the process of conversion. It is easy to connect with the service team by using the QuickBooks helpline number. Users of the accounting software should understand that the process of converting a file from its enterprise version to the online version is not an easy one and requires some expertise in accomplishing the task smoothly. This blog is to provide the users with the requirements, eligibility criteria, and the easy steps involved in the conversion of a file from an enterprise version to its respective online edition.

Essential Requirements for the Process of Conversion

The following features must be present in the user device to successfully convert a QuickBooks file from its enterprise version to an online version of QuickBooks.

  • The computer must have a higher version of Internet Explorer preferably the latest edition of the browser for a smooth transition.
  • Ensure a well-secured internet connection that is reliable with good speed so as the file is not lost during conversion.
  • The user should have a genuine subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus. Alternatively having the subscription of QuickBooks Essentials or some advanced version will also keep the issue clear. 
  • The steps of conversion are preferably performed as the admin of the accounting software. So, ensure proper admin rights of admin while executing the steps of conversion.

Eligibility Criteria for the process of Conversion

The following steps are to be performed to ensure the process of conversion is meeting the target of the conversion. It must be noted that the target value should not exceed 3450000 at a time and it can also be referred to as the sole criteria of eligibility.

  • Open the Accounting software QuickBooks Enterprise on the desktop.
  • Press the F2 button from the keyboard to find the information about the product.
  • If the product information is not displayed by pressing the F2 button then press the Ctrl+1 button together.
  • Now look for the number of targets and ensure to keep it anywhere below 3450000.

Steps of Conversion from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online

Step-1: Open accounting software QuickBooks.

Step-2: Go to the tab of the Company.

Step-3: Choose the option of Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.

Step-4: You are required to enter the correct credentials of log-in.

Step-5: Click to mark the icon of acceptance to terms of services.

Step-6: Wait till the message appears ‘we will take it from here’.

Step-7: Click on OK.

This will complete the transformation of files from the QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online. Dial QuickBooks helpline number if you fail to complete the process of transformation. As a precaution, it is necessary not to delete the files from the Enterprise version until the transformation gets complete.

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