Easy Way For Multi-User Setup Of QuickBooks

The accounting software QuickBooks allows multiple users to access one or more files at the same time from different locations when hosting is on Cloud. Different versions of QuickBooks has different limitations in the number of users allowed to access and work on the accounting software simultaneously. The QuickBooks multi user setup is highly efficient in providing a common platform for working on the data of accounts at the same time. The process of setting up the QuickBooks accounting software for multiple users is easy and can be done easily with quick and simple steps as given below.

Benefits Of Multi-User

·        It
allows more than one user can access the same file at the same time from
different places.

·        Work
is accomplished with ease and comfort.

·        Better
coordination for working of different individuals on the same set of data at
the same time.

·        Higher
comfortability of work.

Steps To Setup
QuickBooks For Multiple User

·        Go
to the computer where the file of the company is present.

·        Now
re-install the QuickBooks accounting software.

·        Now go to the option of multi-user host installation.

·        Now
open the application of the QuickBooks.

·        If
the software asks to update to its latest version then update the software to
its latest version.

·        Now
go to the menu of the file.

·        Select
the option of Utilities.

·        Now
click on the option of Multi-user access.

·        Now
open the folder of QuickBooks.

·        Select
the scan folders tab.

·        Now
use the add folder button.

·        Now
choose the folders which have the file of the company.

·        Now
scan the file folder.

·        Wait
for the process of scanning to complete.

·        Add
the users and give them permission of accessibility of the accounting software
of QuickBooks.

·        In
order to ensure that the permission remains protected from miscreants employ
the multiuser setup using a password.

The above steps will successfully make the QuickBooks setup in the multi-user mode allowing multiple users to access the same file at the same time with ease and comfort from anywhere.

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